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Very cold winters and short hot summers helps us to grow our vines in an organic way. Our vines are planted in three distinct varieties of “terroir“.

Pago del Pinar

» It is the lowest altitude vineyard.
» It is located in the lower part of the valley at about 746 meters.
» It is separated from the Duero River by a pine forest.
» The soil consists of clay and sand.
» The Tinta Fina grapes of this “Pago” produce wines rich in fresh red fruit.
» Generally, these grapes are used to produce our Joven Roble Verónica Salgado.

Pago del Madero

» It is the highest altitude vineyard at about 850 meters.
» It is located on a hillside.
» The soil is limestone.
» The grapes of this vineyard, also Tinta Fina, are small in size and rich in tannins and anthocyanins.
» It produces wines with aromas of forest fruit preserves.
» Grapes with a good concentration of polyphenols and great aromatic intensity that we use to produce our Crianza Verónica Salgado Capricho.

Pago del Garillo

» It is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level.
» It is a trellised Tempranillo vineyard, planted in 1990.
» The soil is clayey with a slight slope.
» Dry-farmed vineyard.
» West facing.
» This “Pago” produces grapes rich in aromas and red forest fruit flavor.
» From this “Pago” we make our Reserva.

Pago del Moral

» It is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.
» It is a goblet-trained Tinto Fino vineyard, planted more than 60 years ago.
» The soil is clayey and limestone with a large amount of boulders.
» It is characterized by producing small quantities of grapes but very rich in polyphenols.
» It presents a good balance between acidity and sugar.
» This “Pago” produces full-bodied wines, which can age for months in barrels and round for years in bottle.
» From this “Pago” we elaborate our Signature Wine.

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